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    NON GM
    Law1. There will be no hacking of any sort

    Law2. You may not KS anyone

    Law.3 You can not flame anyone for any reason

    Law4. You must give your utmost respect to your GM's as they do their best to make Jstarr-Ms fun for everyone

    Law5. You may not spam smegas, or chat

    Law6. You can not disrupt and ruin events

    Law7. You can not advertise anything not having to deal with Jstarr-Ms

    Law8. You can not talk badly about Jstarr-Ms or any other servers

    Law9. There will be no exploiting of glitches/bugs

    Law10. No disrespecting Jstarr-Ms Authority

    GM Law

    1. No giving unfair advantages to certain players:

    * Changing their job (unless there is an error)
    * Giving items for FREE (Events are ok)
    * Leveling a player for no reason (!levelperson)
    o You may ONLY party someone and give them buffs, but not killing monsters for them with your GM char.
    * Giving AP points
    * Spawning monsters for individual players

    2. Do not spawn any monsters in Free Market Entrance. Free Market Rooms are permitted.

    3. Do not spawn non-boss monsters rapidly or in amounts over 25 in a map.

    4. Do not spawn more than 1 Horntail/Zakum in a map

    5. Do not spawn more than 4 bosses in a map. (Small = Anego, The Boss, Black Crow, etc)

    6. You may not ban anyone for insults or childish acts unless you post a screen shot of the conversation in the abuse section.

    7. You May NOT!!! Ban unless u have permission by a higher GM authority

    8. There are 5 Levels of staff you can be:

    * Level 1: Intern
    * Level 2: Game master
    * Level 3: Admin

    By Joining Jstarr-Ms you agree too Not break any of the rules if you do you shall be jail or maybe even Banned.

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