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    Cheetohs gm application Empty Cheetohs gm application

    Post  Kapativo on Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:09 pm

    Alright sup guys. I play Jstarr and i like it
    and since gm applications are re opening i wanna apply.
    So This is my Gm Application i hope you enjoy.

    name:Darquez Pearson
    age:12 soon to be 13 in a few weeks
    experience: i do have gm experience i have 3 years of global maple story experience.
    i been a gm in 4 servers. They closed down because owner shut ted them down. I dont know.
    Why should you choose me: Well you should choose me because. I'm outgoing,very nice, not a serious person. But can be serious when it is needed. I'm a friendly person not so much mean. Not unless you really tick me off which is kinda of hard to do. No i wont abuse my powers or just do things because I'm a gm i will try in my way to help all the players who need help in JstarrMs When needed. And host events and do necessary things to help the server Rise to number 1.

    Contacts: You can contact me through Msn. Also Myspace.com
    Myspace.com/pimponthepin my last name is Pearson

    Have Anymore questions just send me a message on msn,in the game, or Msn.
    Alright Hope you choose me =) LAter

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