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    Post  Angelki on Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:09 pm

    Referred by: Chris
    Name: Kylee or nickname Ki
    Age: 18
    Location/ time zone: Detroit(Michigan) (GMT -5)
    Online timing: Depends, usually on pretty much all day... 9/10 A.M to about 6 p.m. on off days, on the forum if not on the game. If people want me on later or earlier I try my best to be on.

    Why do I want to be GM?
    I want to be a GM because I want to be able to help the community and the server. I would like to help as a team to help make this server a better place to play in as well to help make my fellow GMs jobs easier when they are not around and hopefully get this site some more players!

    Why should I be GM out of all other players?
    I am an excellent people person and I know I can help the GMs and help them to become a tighter team. I also know quite a bit of computer coding and I'm good at typing(fast and efficiently). With the right training I can help even more to code and fix things in the server because I'm a quick learner. I'm very helpful and very active on top of that.

    Will I follow the rules?
    Yes I will.

    Am I active?
    I'm on during my free time, which is pretty much all day.

    Do you think you will be hired?
    I"m quite confident I'll be hired, I just hope luck is on my side this time though

    Any extra information: I have been playing maplestory in general for about 5+ years I'm old i know, and have played on at least four different private servers before this one as a player (and have helped out a lot on especially one server). If there is any need to contact me I have a MSN ... its ss4panandbra@yahoo.com if you have anymore questions.

    Well this concludes my GM App I hope I get picked ^^.

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