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    DJ Applications = Closed Empty DJ Applications = Closed

    Post  Angelki on Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:42 pm


    Sense obviously this is new we might be looking for Djs <3... THIS IS ONLY SEEING WHO IS INTERESTED NOT FOR PUTTING UP DJ APPS BECAUSE THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST STEP! Format for Dj apps and such will go up later when the site is up~~

    To Applicants:
    This is a warning for any newer applications/applicants;
    Any Applications that don't follow the steps will get you a slimmer chance to get into the DJ crew.
    Don't follow means, a lesser chance.

    I will be giving everyone a chance at being a Dj. If you have read this section of the thread, please include in the reply, the date: AngelKi<3 anywhere in the response. When I write in something to replace the word, that means I have read it, don't change it back, for newb filter purposes. This will indicate that you have read this, and by doing so you've agreed if you post a thread during closed periods, I have the right to lower your chance of getting in as a DJ. So if you decide to complain to me that I was being biased or commiting hate-crime, give me the proof but risk arguing and lower your chance of getting in. Everyone's all on an equal chance, considering time zone, and the 4 key things. Also, if you have agreed to this, you have completed the first step of the three step process.

    Making a DJ:
    Just because you've applied, doesn't mean we'll automatically hire you. There are 4 things that I personally consider in the applicant.

    1. Attitude;
    Attitude, hey, it's life. You have someone that's always above you, they have the ability to fire you from this position if they want. Respect is required for a reason. If you think of treating a follow DJ badly or if I hear complaints from them, I guarantee you that you'll be making the line thinner. The head DJs have the right to be strict on you!

    2. Mature;
    I will be watching you in-game and if I see any weird stuff it will make me think that you're not serious about this, because it seems to me you haven't read the threads. And don't even attempt to be a suck-up, my opinion of you will go down even worse.

    3. Prepared & Listening;
    Hey, being prepared and having awesome listening skills are two skills that can help you succeed in life. I rather have people that listen and remember what they're doing. It helps to be ready to go. Minimizes dead air, won't bother the DJ before you. Trust me, the DJ before you will get annoyed if you're not ready to go, and having excuses just means you're blaming other things for your delay/mistake. Reading my threads and really appeals to me that you don't need help & ready to go. I mean if you have problems feel free to ask. But if I start to notice a trend or repetitive questions, it just means you aren't listening, or not as prepared as I thought.

    4. Communication;
    I rather understand you instantly, so please have something like e-mail or msn in-case someone needs to contact you. Other Djs need to get to you in-case they cant fill their time slot or if there is an emergency.

    So yeah, hopefully you've read all of this, I don't want to seem mean.

    And of course, at the end of your reply, I need a second word filter to make sure you've read the second part of this thread. Please include this word in it, spelling does count, of course, and it's one of my favourite words. Please leave in the word above and then after this word, antidisestablishmenttarinism. So to pass this approval, you need to have the word, which is stated somewhere inside this thread and also my favourite word now. Good luck with the two filters.

    Good luck. <3

    EDIT: "Have read the thread, Ki."
    & . Meant I, Ki have seen, edit your post & known that you have read it. ~ DJ AngelKi.
    & & . If you place this inside your reply, yourself, you just fail.

    EDIT 2: If topic title of any new applications have been changed, it meant I have read it, and will decide the possibilities of you making it into the team now. ;o

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