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    Tayvo  GM application Empty Tayvo GM application

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    GMT-8:00, pacific time


    MSN: majortayvo@hotmail.com

    ::Average Time Online::

    To fully optimize my position as a GM, I can be on for as long as possible, from around 8-9 hours a day, since I have quite an amount of time on my hands. I will however, try to make exceptions, when I'm busy studying for an exam though, as that affects my end of year scores. I will try to be online, and answering questions as much as I can. MapleStory gets relatively addicting from time to time.

    ::Position Applying For::


    ::What can you contribute to the server::

    As much as I'm willing to contribute, I will do more than that. I will try my best at a few qualities and skills, which I have overcome in my previous years as former Admins/GM's of other servers, and use them to my full advantage. I can advertise for the server on various forums, which appeal more to community, and forums which contribute to MapleStory development, and private server discussions. With this in hand, I can alsp contribute to the server/community, by doing a daily server patrol, banning as much hackers, which attempt to drive the server ridiculous, and possibly destroy it. Such things like this can not be let out of control, as this is a risky situation.

    I will not let a server like this go down in shame, like previous servers, I have been on. The most recent one, and probably one of my best achievements as a GM, was EternalMS, an average of 300 players online, but came down because the Staff team, had become too corrupt to continue, and everywhere you go, there would be rumours about a certain GM. Eventually, the players, started to rise up in ranks, and some had become a GM, which led to more trouble. The server died, since one of those players, had gotten too much respect from the owner, and eventually destroyed our database, with that in hand, he was quite rude to the community, and didn''t care much, about how others felt, AND how the staff felt. Our owner didn't mind much, and agreed to his words. Corruption is very drastic, and risky, as it can cost the server's life. Too much abuse will kill the server.

    ::What improvements can be done to the server::

    Since the server has started recently today, which I happened to be aware of soon. I think it would be wise to raise the price of certain items, and possibly make a few of them rare drops from certain bosses. From experience, if the server's population has dramatically increased in months, then rates should be changed every so often. I'm also suggesting Hired Merchants as this can improve the community tremendously. It's probably the center of attention in most servers, right now.

    I will also be compromising new ideas, and plans for the server as much as I can, as this can prove to be useful for future references, and it will lead the server the right way. I think that Interns should be hired on a side note, as they can assist the GM's with there problems, and also be proved as useful to them. There commands are limited however, so there should be no issue here.

    ::Previous Servers::

    EternalMS, AussieMS, CrackedStory, ChocolateMS, and a few others. Some of the servers were quie old, or have never been developed.

    ::GM Experience::

    As a GM of previous servers, I have a complete understanding of the commands, but I have just got back to MapleStory Private Servers, just a few weeks ago, so my commands might be a bit rusty, but I should get the hang of it, in a few days. It's not hard remembering a few commands, which you type and press.

    I use my commands respectfully to assist people's problems, and to direct them in the right way. Commands should differentiate based commands.

    ::Anything else you would like to add::

    Well, as a experienced, student of my college, I also have quite an interest in the Information Technology department. I'm currently studying an I.T course, which should help me base my marks off this, and hopefully pay off. I also collect ornaments, and objects, as a side hobbies, but not that often.

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    Thats a amazing app ill talk too justin

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