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    Post  Angelki on Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:17 pm

    Okay so we are on day 1 of making the radio, so far we have the radio FINISHED! We just need to find a host willing to stream the music and that costs money so we are pending on the situation. The website is at least 90% done, still need to put in the background, the streaming url in, and do Touch-ups because I'm uber-picky ... Very Happy

    So all in all we are at least 80% done with this, cross your fingers!

    Credits to Co-fading a.k.a Chris for working with me and finishing a lot in like a day x.x
    And to me Angelki a.k.a Ki for making the website, radio work, and pretty much the forums <3 D:

    Here is the radio site but it still needs some work ^^ JstarRadio

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