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    Ban appeal rules Empty Ban appeal rules

    Post  AutoBan on Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:22 pm

    This is were you put all ur Ban appeals Do not double post or you will be instantly rejected depending on how you got banned will determine if i unban you or not If you lie it will be instant rejection so tell the truth i like honesty that tells me that your dedicated too the server here are the banned punishments

    JQ Hacker; DNU
    Hacking: 1st ban UnBanned and all chars wiped
    Donation item seller:All items wiped and donation status removed
    Falsely banned: instant unban
    Advertising different server: unbanned if caught again perma banned
    Dissing the server:DNU
    Glitch abuser:all chars wiped
    Giving out highly scrolled items:demotion
    Disrespecting Host/Co host: Dnu
    Having highly scrolled: all items wiped
    Abusing gm power: 2 warnings then demotion
    Fake Donation: DNU

    For ur first ban its 75% unban unless you got dnu 2nd 40% 3rd 5%

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