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    Post  mswinner on Sun Mar 15, 2009 9:25 am

    NAME:My name is Alexandre nault-gagnon, Age:14 years old, Where do i live: Canada,Quebec, Why do u want to be GM: WEll caus ebbeaing GM for me is really cool i love helping people do event I would really like to be gm in JSSTARMS cause its most coolest one ive sseeen people are really nice also i would like to see this community grow up and be bigger GM in this private would be my dream. I also have a GM handbbook so i know all codes and ive been GM in 4 other private but no one that cool as JSTARMS it was in hitsums and Shadowms I have lot in event idea in head so just get autorization from an admin or the owner it would be cool so thats why i think i should be choose id really apreciate it and one thing sure ill never be a GM that abuse of his power. Contact:karkar_38@hotmail.com is my email and u can also contact me in game im always connected when i can and when i have no homework Sad anyways THX....

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